Veterinary Scholarships offered by Somerset Hills K.C. and the Central N.J. Hound Association. 

Both clubs offer two scholarships each ranging from $500.00 to $1500.00.  

The CNJHA  Scholarships are  offered in honor of Dr. Asa Mays.

Somerset Hills K.C.,  Scholarships are offered in honor of Bob Goldstein and Dr. A. North.  We seek veterinary students whose home residence is New Jersey, (except for University residence), and who are either Juniors or Seniors at an accredited Veterinary University.  Their goals must be primarily geared toward canine medicine.

If you would like to nominate someone who fits these criteria, let me know and I will send them an official application.  It is important to know that New Jersey does NOT have a Veterinary program in any of the State’s Universities or Colleges.  All N.J. students must pay out of state tuition and usually graduate in debt for amounts well over $100,000.00!

Thank you for your cooperation,

Joan Goldstein, Scholarship Chairperson

Somerset Hills K.C.

Central N.J. Hound Association

PLEASE FORWARD to any and all, especially Breed and Group Clubs and your Veterinarians. Use Social networking to spread the word.

Contact: Joan Goldstein - Scholarship Chair


Click here for downloadable application